I had a post all planned and then I read this blog and it got me to thinking. What are my secret dreams??? There are lots of things I want to achieve that just aren't practical. I'll never compete in the Olympics. I'll never be a famous singer. I'll never ride in a space ship. But there are things I dream of that really are within the realm of possibility they would just require lots of hard work and sacrifice (more than Ironman training). I'm going to mull this over and think about my secret dreams and what ones I really want to work towards.

On other things, my mantra this week has been PAY ATTENTION!!! With all the training and stuff I've been doing the past few months, there were a couple of areas of my life I kind of let slide. These last 2 weeks I've been trying to get a handle on some of them and I've discovered that all I really have to do is Pay Attention. I've been paying attention to those areas and wow, things are starting to fall back into place - amazing!!!

Alright, that will have to do for now. I'm just not up for writing today.


Ellie said…
'S OK, Fe-Lady.... what you *did* write has a lot of meat to it. Plenty to think about in those two paragraphs!
bunnygirl said…
I hope you haven't been affected by the eartquake, Flo! Check in soon!

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