30 November 2006


It freaking freezing here!!!! I got up this morning and it was 70 F. That means it probably dropped into the upper 60's overnight. Yikes!!!!

Yeah, yeah, I know....... snow... blah...blah..... ice..... blah....blah..... raining...... temps in the 20's blah....blah..... blah......

If you look over at my profile, yeah, I don't live in those places. I live in Hawaii and therefore will whine like a baby when the temps fall below 80. Spoiled??? Absolutely!!!!!

Anyway, it's our first cold snap of the season and it's tough. I busted out the sweats and long sleeved shirts last night. It was extra blankets on the bed. When the alarm went off this morning I just couldn't do it. Well, also, I was really tired last night. Bone tired. Not sure what that's all about but thought a sleep in would be a good thing.

Okay, that's it. Inspite of the unreasonable cold weather, I must go to work. I'm such a trooper :)


sharon said...

I hear you honey...Ha HA
I had a hissy fit when it dropped down to the low 40's here in Florida last week. Now we are back up to 80 and humid. Crazy crazy

Vickie said...

LOL! I almost feel sorry for you!

TriFeist said...

Totally know how you feel. And it's hard because stores aren't stocked with the latest cold weather workout gear, right?

Same thing here in Florida. We'll make it somehow. :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! My wife is from Hawaii and when it's below 70 she puts on a sweater. We were vising friends in Maui one year and it was down to 68 and they broke out the brand new electric blankets for us! I had to laugh as what I really wanted an electric fan! We were in Honululu for New Year's eve a few years back and I was in shorts and a t-shirt and thought it a bit muggy and hot. The in-laws were of course trying to find me a jacket to wear. Enjoy being spoiled!

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