02 December 2006

The stages.

I have very distinct stages I go through when under severe stress ( I guess I'd call it that).
The first stage is disbelief, this can't possibly be happening.
The second stage, is anger, white hot anger at any and all involved.
The third stage is depression, oh woe is me I'll never get out of this.
The fourth stage is calm, rationalization and planning.

If you missed my post yesterday (which I hope no one read and I've since deleted), the socialist state of California has decided to come after hubby and I for taxes we apparently owe from 16 years ago. After many phone calls to the franchise tax board and tearing through my records to see if I still had those tax returns (I don't), I've come to accept the fact that California has me over a barrel and I have absolutely no recourse. It's a long stupid (considering the people I'm dealing with, incredibly stupid) story that will just piss me off again if I go into.

I moved through all of the above stages. When I wrote my post yesterday I was in stage 2. Last night I was in stage 3 and very depressed. Today I've moved into stage 4 and need to figure a way out of this situation without killing someone.

Just a tiny rant: Taxes piss me off and they always have. It seems that the vast majority of the taxes I pay go to support programs I don't believe in or use and it really makes me crazy. Why the hell do I have to pay to support someone so they can have more babies and sit around on their fat asses getting fatter????? I had 1 child for many, many reasons, but one was that I quickly realized how expensive it was. I'm stopping there, I feel my blood pressure rising.

Moving on.

Something good has changed in my workouts. I'm inspired, eager to do it. I push myself and it feels great. I did weights yesterday morning and last night stopped on the way home to run (best cure for depression- run). I ran a 3 mile loop I do fairly regularly but did it 5 minutes faster than last time. I am getting stronger :)

Okay, that's all I have to say. I did aerobics this morning and felt just awesome. I need to shower and head out, I have some shopping to do. Sports Authority has my Asics on sale for $45.00 - woo hoo!!!!!


angelfish24 said...

Bummer about the taxes! Surprised they want you to go back that many years! Hope your feeling better about it soon.
Hey, it's not cold there. Try below 30 this week, ha. God I would kill to get to hawaii right now, but not in the cards right now!
I did some swimming yesterday but only a little over 1/2 mile. It was nice and felt pretty good. Trying to improve my speed and use some tactic on form from a triathalon book by sally edwards. Now, I think I will attempt to jog today as I'm feeling better and no more muscle train.
Way to go on getting faster on your run! I find it so hard but I'm sure it will get easier as I drop more wt and increase my fitness level.

Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

It was quite the amazing little rant. I wish you had the money to fight them. How can they collect money with out proof? But I digress....

Glad to hear the workouts are going well.

Vickie said...

I wonder what the statute of limitationsis for back taxes? Maybe you should check with a lawyer. It might cost you less in the long run. Unfortunatey, from my own experience with the IRS, they always win. Good luck reslving that. Socialist California. LOL! How come more people don't see it for what it is?? Michigan's almost as bad. If not for the West Michigan conservatives, I fear we would be just as bad.

Vickie said...

P.S. Great job on yur run. I'm thinking more weights will help me too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your taxes - that happened to us a few years back and the check we had to write ate up almost our entire nest egg. It was from unpaid tax (on a bit of land that my hubba had sold about 8 years prior - a file that our accountant said he never got from us, but we don't know what else could have happened to it... anyway...) fines and penalties ad infinitum... it was awful.
But try to focus your energy on the good stuff.
I live in MN (beyond socialist - the way our papers read you'd think we are in search of communism)! and one thing I do to "justify" the taxes we pay is to spend more time on the park trails. I envision how much it would cost me if I had to buy all that park land myself to enjoy... then I can forget for a little while about how high the taxes are... besides, so few people use the trails that I can pretend they really are mine (which is a good thing becuase I am sure I paid more than my share for them!).
Cheer up - life is good.

sharon said...

Ha Ha Ha, I read your rant before you erased it and I told Ross he HAD to read it. He went to read it and it was gone! I understand you were under great duress. My father is a CPA and he goes to bat for many people who owe the IRS lots of money for situations such as yours. 1st question is was the amount you mentioned the original amount or the final amount after penalities and interest? I can't speak for that silly state of California of course, but the IRS will usually settle for original amount minus penalities and interest especially considering the delay in notifying you. At least try to negotiate and it might be worth the money to save your stress to hire a lawyer or CPA (would be cheaper) to do the negotiations for you. You REALLY got a bum deal, but I don't need to remind you of that do I. I hope it works out.

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