24 November 2006

Confession time.

There are a couple of things I have to come clean about.

First, I've been really struggling with my weight lately. No, I mean really struggling. Way more than I let on here. Today I woke up and weighed in at my highest weight in 3 years. That's bad.

Second, I've gone back in my journals and looked at what's worked in the past compared to what I'm doing now. I saw then differences and I immediately started instituting changes. Granted it's only been 1 day but I feel better already.

Third, the focus of this blog is going to change a little. Until I begin my Honu training, end of December I think, I'm going to focus on weight loss. A Lot!!! It won't be like I ate this, this, and this, I burned xxxx calories, blah, blah, blah....... It will be more along the lines of everyday accountability to myself. I have another, secret blog where I record the incredibly boring minutiae of my weight loss journey.

The main difference is the level of activity. I have got to get lots of activity in as often as possible. I know that diet is 90% of weight loss and activity is only 5-10%. But with me it makes a huge difference.

Also, I've been lying to myself about my food intake. You would think that someone who's been a weight watcher as long as I have would not be able to fool themselves. Ummm, yeah, not true. Today I have been brutally honest about what I eat and WOW!! Such a liar!!!

Okay, there you have it! All my cards are on the table. You would not believe I'm closing in on 50 would you!!!!

On another note, my plantar in my right foot is really acting up. Could be due to my 2 hour walk today??? Nah!!!!!!

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Linda said...

I hear you! I've been less than honest about my intake and output which has my upkept becoming my downfall.

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