23 November 2006


Oops, wrong turkey!!!

It's hard living so far from family at this time of year. Some years we have friends and stuff over. This year, not so much. We are heading out to Waikiki later to have dinner at a restaurant there. I always love doing that. I rarely go to Waikiki and it's fun to play tourist once in a while.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!


Ross said...

We played tourist too here in Florida. Went to Epcot with 2 of our kids and some friends. Mistake. I guess everyone else had in mind what we did, that everyone would be with family eating turkey, wrong. We had chicken nuggets and fries for turkey day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

sharon said...

I had to work and ate corndogs for lunch. Don't you feel sorry for me?
Boo hoo. I'd rather work than go to Disney and be on my feet all day. Like Ross did

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