08 November 2006

I wonder if they get it.

This is a brief political post you may want to avoid.

I've stated before, I consider myself conservative, very conservative. Although, when my views are laid out I'm probably more libertarian then Republican.

Lately I've been pissed off at the republican party. They have been doing all these things to try and appease the Democrats. I have no respect for people that do that. I have tons of respect for people who stand up for what they believe no matter what party they are. Lately the republicans have been folding on their beliefs, especially Bush, and it just pisses me off.

Then we have yesterdays election. The Democrats have taken control of the House and they may well take control of the Senate. Do you think the Republicans will get the message??? You guys are pissing us off. Stand up for what you believe and stick to your guns damn it!!!

The scary part is now Nancy Pelosi will be the speaker of the House. That woman is a freaking nut job. Her, Diane Fienstein, and Barbara Boxer make me embarrassed to be in the same gender as them. They are freaking nut jobs and I don't understand how the people continue to elect them. Okay, I should talk. Here in Hawaii we elect dead people but that's another story.

So here is my recommendation; learn which way east is from all the places you go; order a nice prayer rug; ladies - get fitted for a burqa (I have no idea how that is spelled and don't really care) and get ready to give up all the rights you enjoy now. With these people in control there is no doubt we'll all be muslim (please note this is NOT capitalized) before long.

Tirade over.


Vickie said...

OMG, how I agree with you. Sounds like my public service announcement (e-mail) to friends and family to make sure they get out and vote. Not that I expected anything different, but the hidden dangers out there that people overlook are too scary to think about. One new person at my office/gym is a young woman who is a registered Democrat, and it was something I suspected in brief conversations with her. Of course she was ecstatic about the outcome. What's wrong with these people???

Vickie said...

P.S. I do have to say I was quite depressed yesterday. I second you on the Republican wussies and their failure to stand up for themselves, but it probably would have been the lesser of the apparent new evil.

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