07 November 2006

A must read.

I read this post over at Rice's and it sparked an excellent exchange between him and I. I don't know the answer anymore than he does but you know what??? Talking about it and exchanging ideas is definitely a way to start. Read it, weigh in, and think.......

On a much more mundane subject, I swam and ran today. I don't have any swimming program just yet. I'm just getting back into it so I'm just swimming 2x a week. I've decided to put off my 30 days of swimming until January. There are a number of reasons for that some of which include some traveling in the next 2 months and not wanting to have to stress about swimming. Besides, I've registered for a 10k, I need to run!!!!

Okay, so swimming was okay. I swam for about 40 minutes then went off to vote. Then on the way home from work I stopped and ran. I do have a running program so tonight was just a 30 minute walk/run. It felt good. No pain in the butt ;)

That's all I have tonight. I'm off to take the remote from my husband so I can watch House.

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