I love Christmas!!!

Okay, not so much anymore. When the kids were little it was my favorite but now it's just me and hubby, ehh....

But after much discussion and debate back and forth on what each of us wanted for Christmas, earlier in the week we decided. Hubby had a real nice stereo system from his old truck with a kicker box and everything, that had never been installed in the new truck. He wanted to get that installed for his Christmas present. So he did on Thursday.

As for me, I've had a tattoo in mind for a long time now and I said I wanted it for Christmas. So last night I went and got it.

It's on my right wrist like a bracelet and on both sides of the dolphins, wrapping around my wrist, is my favorite saying, Do or do not. There is no try.

I absolutely love this. It came out way better than I thought it would. The skin is still all angry and red and the ink is still bubbly but I LOVE it!!!!!!!

Okay, that's all for now. I just had to share :)


Ross said…
I didn't think Reagan conservatives got tattoos. Actually, I am one too and have 2 tattoos. Yours looks great and long live Master Yoda.

You still have to run at the gardens. No excuses, not even hyper sensitive tattoo skin.
Vickie said…
Hey cool. You are brave though. I'm not sure I would want to go through all those pokes! Nerry Christmas to you.
Anonymous said…
Way to go on your tattoo. My friend had a similar ones w/ dolphins around your belly button. I don't have one but always thought about it, especially a dolphin or turtle or some underwater creature.
runliarun said…
Never knew anyone who got a tattoo for X-mas, but it's way cooler than just getting more inanimate objects. Well, who am I to say? I still love traditional presents, clothes, and books, and nice things. But the dolphins are great.
Anonymous said…
flo, i love it. i have a tattoo in the very same place - the only one that i have. enjoy! remember to keep lotion on it while it heals and no swimming... :-)

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