14 December 2006

The rain is out to get me.

Last night I got myself together to go out and watch the Gemind meteor shower, it was supposed to peak here at 10pm, only to have it start raining -hard- just before I went outside. It kept it up for awhile, so I went to bed. No meteor shower for me.

This morning I slept in a little because I was going to run. Since I only needed to do a little speed work I didn't have to get up quite so early. Just as I get up and start getting ready to run it starts pouring!! So I chickened out and opted to read blogs instead.

What's going on with the rain??? I do believe it's personal ;)

I will run tonight on the way home. My boss is leaving early, so I'm going to leave a little early and I'll stop in my favorite neighborhood and run. I will run even if it's raining. I've got to get my speed work in for this weekend. I have a botanical garden to conquer.

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