06 January 2007

A fantastic week

That's what I've had. I can not get over how good I'm feeling. I've stuck to my eating plan religiously for 6 days and I just feel incredible. I've also dropped 3 lbs since 12/23 - not too shabby. I'm averaging a calorie deficit of 600-800 calories a day. Since a deficit of 750 will result in a 1.5 lb weight loss per week it seems like I'm right on track.

Tomorrow I have a 5k. I'm looking forward to it because my running is coming along nicely. I'm shooting for a time of around 35 minutes. I don't want to push it but I want to see how I can do. Keep your fingers crossed.

After a small scolding by Linae over the last post there will be no more negativity here. At least directed at myself. Rereading that post I realize I did get a little carried away. I really was feeling bad about how far my swimming has deteriorated. But I have a new attitude. What I did yesterday was about 2:48/100m. At my best I was doing 100m around 2:15. So that's my goal, knock 30 seconds off my 100m. I'll be swimming 3x per week all this month so I will do this by 2/16/07. That gives me about 6 weeks. I can do that. Thank you TriFiest!!!!

It's going to be a quiet weekend. Just the race tomorrow. Other than that I'll be doing some housework and cleaning. Exciting life I lead.


Ashley Chin said...

Kudos for sticking to your eating plan! Have fun at your race tomorrow. I'm sure you'll have better weather than we will for ours!

Vickie said...

I think your swimming is doing fine. Just the fact that you get out there and work at it shows you will improve at some point. It would be easy enough to give up, but you keep at it.


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