27 January 2007

I have a terrible habit of

transferring my anxiety. I take things I have no control over that really upsets me and transfer my worries to something I do have some control over. I'm sure it's fairly typical. I bet it's just human nature.

I have faced the truth. I'm really, really upset about the whole Rocco situation. I'm afraid I'm going to lose him and I don't want to. 12 years is not long enough. I sat down earlier and had a good cry over Rocco and now have my strength back. We'll do whatever it takes to give Rocco the best chance possible.

I was losing myself in the money of it. Because that's the part I have some control over. There are a number of possible ways to pay for Rocco's surgery and the easiest way is with my bike fund. That's life. I saved for my bike over the past couple of months, I can do it again. I may not get another shot at a Kestrel but if it's meant to be it's meant to be. Also, they do offer financing. Maybe next weekend, after Rocco is taken care of, I'll go to the bike shop and check it out.

Anyway, I'm sad and I don't want to lose my boy but I've worked through my feelings and am ready to do what's necessary.


Unknown said...

I am not going to suggest that you do something different with the current situation, but I will tell you what helped us..

After a few scares like you are facing now, we sat down and thought threw a variety of situations and made a decision tree. That way, next time, we could look back and use that at least as a starting point.

For example: No surgeries after age X. Yes to x-rays and bloodwork for analysis if it will guide treatment. Yes to any meds needed. Euthanasia only if A, B, & C (that last one is the hardest decision to make if needed, but it was good for us to write it down so that we could say NO if conditions hadn't happen, and YES if they had. ).

Vickie said...

Well I pretty much knew what you would decide and figured it would involve the bike, but that is a very unselfish thing for you to do, and one I am sure you feel is right. I hope Rocco pulls through. When a pet is a part of the family that much, it is very hard to lose them, so of course you want to do all you can do to keep them healthy. As you know, you can always get another bike.

Deb said...

I'm soo sorry about Rocco. Do everthing your heart tells you to....and don't justify or explain. I'll be thinking of you.

angelfish24 said...

Sorry to hear your dog getting another tumor and sounds like the surgery could give him a longer life. The bike can wait and you will get it soon. Take care and hope everything goes ok next week.

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