Just for the record...

I do not suck as bad as I thought at swimming. Last week was just getting my butt back in the water. This week it's time to get serious about training. So, first I must know where I am in order to determine where I'm going, no?? So I did a test. 3 x 100 with 20 second rest in between. Average the 3 times and this is my T-pace. So the times were; 2:05, 2:15, 2:10. Not fantastic but better then I thought they'd be. So my T-pace if officially 2:10. Now when I stopped swimming last year I was doing 100 around 2:15, so I'm already 5 seconds faster. Wow, who knew???? Anyway, every 4 weeks I will retest to see how I'm improving.

So yesterday I said how my shorts were a little looser. Well, anyone who's lost weight knows that that can happen 1 day and the next the shorts not fit at all. So I put my shorts on this morning with some trepidation only to discover these were loose too. WoooooooHOooooooooo!!!!

Okay, that's all I got. Things have slowed down a little bit here at work so today I begin the cleaning of the lab. Oh, what fun :)


sharon said…
OK so you better not say you suck any more because those swim times are about what I do. I can't seem to get any faster but I do improve with my comfort level in the water, I figure that alone is worth the time in the pool.
angelfish24 said…
Your swim times seem fine to me. I'm not a fast swimmer but I can go a long distance if I push it. I need to get back in the water soon, it's a nice change from the regular workout I do. Way to go on the loose shorts!
Vickie said…
Hey, good going on the weight loss! That's got to make you feel great and keep you motivated! As for the swimming, I think yuu're doing fine. Consistency is really the key.
WADDLER26.2 said…
Feels great when the clothes loosen up. I hope to feel that soon also.

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