12 January 2007

Here come the weekend......

I love Fridays for a number of reasons.

1) Well, it's Friday, duh!!!

2) It's immediately followed by Saturday - woo hoo.

3) Hubby has off so I can just get up and leave, he takes care of the animals.

4) It's a swim day.

Those are enough reasons to love Friday.

So, it was a swim day and today is where the real work begins. I did drills and intervals for 40 minutes. A total of 1300 m. I have a goal with my swimming. Funny how I get down about how I'm not a great swimmer; then I move into the well, let's work at it; now, I have a goal. I want to swim 100m under 2 minutes. It can be 1:59 but I want it to be under 2:00. So that's what I'm working towards.

My plantar is acting up and I haven't run in 3 days. Yesterday was weights and my foot started hurting last night. I got some new shoes for work, I wonder if they could be the problem???

I have decided on a reward for myself. If I do 100 days of 1 hour activity I will get myself a Nano. I have been lusting after one of those strictly for the Nike+ system. But I have a perfectly fine 3rd generation iPod so really could not justify buying it in my own mind. So, a reward it will be. On April 15th, 100 days of activity down, possibly my first tri of the season that day, my 48th birthday, seems like it will be a good day.

My local running store is starting a women's only running group in February. I'm thinking about joining. They have a running group on Weds. now but it tends to be loaded with marines and they run wicked fast. There is no way I can keep up with them. They have also managed to scare all of the slower women away. It will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings. It should be fun.

What else........ Nothing I can think of. Have a great weekend.


angelfish24 said...

I love the nano I got, use it mostly for working out. So much better than my arm band radio that was always cutting out.
Have a great swim. Think I will go do one today too or do other cardio and swim tomorrow.
Running club sounds fun for you. I'm so slow I couldn't keep up with a grandma at this point, ha. I think I can do a 12 min. mile or so, so I guess that's progress from my 15 min walking a mile. Baby steps, I guess. Have a good weekend too! I wish I could just transport over to hawaii for a nice sunny weekend. Sick of the snow already!

Vickie said...

For your plantar, try the tennis ball thing. Works. I've been having trouble with my heel for probably 3 years and just keep forgetting about that handy little piece of (cheap) equipment. The tennis ball will help ease out the tension or any tightness in your foot, then ice to get rid of any inflammation.

Should be fun joining a women's running group. Hopefully women of all speeds will show up, and you will find a running buddy.

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