25 January 2007

Okay kids

I've made my decision.

This is my new bike:

The other day when I looked at it they slapped some flat pedals on it and I took it out for a spin. But they said if I wanted to really try it out to bring my own pedals and shoes and I could take it for a real ride. So I did that today. Hubby went with me since I can't make a purchase of this size without his blessing.

So while Rocco was at the vets (that's a whole other post) we headed over the hill for the test ride.

Side note: The Look pedals I have came with my bike and they are ancient. The bike mechanic took the pedals and kind of laughed. The sales girl goes, "What kind of pedals are those??" Mechanic, "These are the original Look pedals. I haven't seen them in years."

Anyway, he got me all hooked up, adjusted the seat and I was off. This bike is sweet. I rode it up the sides of Diamond Head and, while I suck at hills, did pretty well with this baby. I was pleased.

The only problem I ran into was that I forgot to wear bike shorts and the seat is much harder than mine, ouch. Also, my Bianchi doesn't have drop bars so I wasn't used to that and with not wanting to put too much pressure on my butt, I put a lot of weight on my hands they were sore.

The guy who helped me the other day was off today and since he offered to throw in a set of pedals I decided to wait till he's in tomorrow.

I'm not sure how I'm going to work this purchase. It's a little more than I planned on paying but I think I can work it out. They have a financing program, 90 days same as cash, and they also do layaway. I'm sure I'll be able to work something out.

It's a 2005 model that's why it's so cheap. They are clearing out a lot of their older models . That's fine with me.

Okay, just had to share my decision. After my trip to the bike shop I will fill you in on how it all worked out and, more importantly, when I take possession of my new baby. Now, all I need is a name.......


Vickie said...

Sweet bike. Is that a Kestrel?

Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

Very nice, very nice indeed. Nothing like a direct comparison of riding a big hill to make the decision easier.

IronWaddler said...

Good looking bike. I bet you're going to love it. Enjoy!!

angelfish24 said...

Nice bike. Makes me want one. I have a mountain bike and I'm sure it takes a lot more effort to ride it. My hubby says he will put on road tires when i do that tri. I just don't have the $ to get a good one right now. My hubby wants a tri bike bad and has been researching them for ages and looking at ebay. Maybe he'll be able to get one soon is we get money back from uncle sam.

lisa jane said...

That looks like an awesome new bike flo :), unfortunately I do not know how to ride a bike :(

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