19 January 2007

Time for a smackdown.

I'm not sure but, who's blog is this??? Oh that's right, it's mine. Which means I get to express my opinions, and my thoughts, and unlike the vast majority of the population (anonymous) I do develop thoughts and opinions all by myself. I am not told what to think or how to interrupt things. I don't need to research my opinions because, as MY opinions, I know what they are. I do not need any website or news station to tell me what to think or how to think it. I, being an intelligent individual, have the ability to reason things out and come to my own conclusions. Unlike anon. who apparently needs to be told what is going on.

Now, and this is just for the record, I have a science degree and 2 science minors. My major was Marine Biology. My minors were Chemistry and Oceanography. Now, I'll explain because this is complicated, in the courses I had to take for my degree we studied many, many things, including the temperature history of the earth. This is not the first time the temperature has increased and it won't be the last. The STRONG agreement among scientists is that global warming is occurring, not that humans are causing it. Since anon clearly gets their information from Al Gore (after all, he did invent the Internet!!) I can completely understand how your thinking is all muddled.

I find it interesting how data that does not fit into their global warming theory is just totally ignored. Why are the temperatures rising on Mercury???? Why are the temperatures on the sun's surface increasing????? They don't know, they can't explain it so they just ignore it. A real scientist knows that all factors have to be considered, even those that don't seem to fit. You can not ignore data, you just can't!!!!

As for my indifference to even attempting such change, uummmm, yeah, couldn't care less. I drive an SUV, hubby drives a V-8 truck, we run our a/c unit as much as possible, yep. Tell you what, as soon as Al Gore, and all the other green freaks give up their private jets, multiple homes, and the rest of their high gas using lifestyles I'll consider changing mine.

There was a letter to the editor in the local paper today extolling the virtues of electric cars. This person as saying how they've gone away because they were the gas companies worst nightmare. They went fast, had decent power, and all you had to do was plug them in at night. I think this person must have been anonymous. Where the hell do you think electricity comes from??? How about burning fossil fuels!!! It's these kind of people that make this world scary. They do not have the ability to reason and just regurgitate whatever crap they are fed.

Okay, that's all. We are done with this topic for now. Now, Sharon, where were the M-80's???? :)


TriShannon said...

Well said. Now it is time for you to enjoy your vacation!!

Vickie said...

LOL! Why am I not surprised you got some crap about the global warming post? Apparently, what do you know? Anon must know far more it seems. I remember recently saying to my son what a bunch of crap the hybrid cars were, that they were way too expensive for what they actually could do, and who drives 25 miles or less all the time anyway? I told him, I figured they would never pay for themselves, what with the higher price, and the fact that I rarely drive 25 mph. I'm not sure he believed me, until the very next day there was a report on TV no less saying exactly the same thing! It was almost like I had written the script. Keep believing what you believe--and know. We may end up being the last people on earth some day!

threecollie said...

GREAT post! And I thank you. I can't think of a thing to add, except well said.

Comm's said...

i am with you on the global warming thing. In fact last summer it was found that some major computer models used to show increases in global warming were programed to only show increases and not that it could...actually...maybe not be going up or be based on human consumption.

If one belch from a volcano can put more greenhouse gas in the air than all the cars in a year, why bother.

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