18 January 2007

Things rolling around in my head.

First of all, snow in Malibu?!?!?!?!?! Let's hear it for global warming!!!!!
Okay, just a tiny rant. You know what?? Global warming is occurring. Are humans responsible?? I don't think so. I don't think we have that much power over the planet. Mother Earth is a whole lot more powerful than we are in spite of what we think. If you've read the news lately the temperatures on Mercury are going up. Temps on the sun are increasing. Does this connect with anyone but me??? If the temp of the sun is going up and the temp on Mercury is going up and I'm pretty sure there are no Hummers on either, does it not stand to reason that this is a solar system occurrence and not just an earthly problem??? Will species die??? Probably. Is there anything we can do to stop it??? Probably not. The earth, sun, and moon have gone through cycles of heating and cooling since the Big Bang. I honestly don't think we are influencing it that much and I know we can't stop it. And if Al Gore is so freaking concerned why doesn't he ground his private jet and drive a Prius!!!! End rant.

The last few mornings I have hardly worked up a sweat during my workout. I guess it's official, winter has arrived in Hawaii. Let's hear it for global warming!!! Speaking of workouts, wow, this weight training is so starting to pay off. I am getting definition in my shoulders (that always happens pretty quickly) and I'm increasing the weight almost every workout!! Yeah!!

Tomorrow is my last day at work. I have next week off and you have no idea how badly I need it. I have not taken a day off in a year. I hate when I do that!!! So I'm stoked. Next week will be lots of training and lots of house organizing. I'm also going bike shopping. I probably won't buy a new bike till March but I'm going to go looking. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free. I want a good bike but don't have unlimited funds.

What else. Nothing new on the drug dealing neighbor front, I'll keep you posted. I like the suggestion to get Dog (hmmm, might have to work on that) and lob M80's at them (do you think they'd get the hint??). I believe a land use inspector has been out and things have quieted down over there, we shall see.

That's it for the moment. Hopefully I'll have more to say about training and such after some time off. Right now I'm just tired and ready to veg :)


Vickie said...

Oh yeah, the global warming thing. I hear it all the time and like you said, if you look at other solar system changes, its not a human factor thing. People apparently forget the end of the ice age, and I'm pretty sure that wasn't caused by the use of fossil fuels. Sheesh. Its too much for a person to deal with sometimes, all the idiots out there. Enjoy your vacation! I hope you have great weather and accomplish all or most all of the things you plan to do. Keep us informed as to what you're doing next week!

Anonymous said...

A little research before ranting is a good thing. There is STRONG agreement amongst the scientific community that global warming is, to a very large extent, caused by human activity. This is no longer disputable. Whether it can be changed / reversed is certainly debatable, but your apparent indifference to even attempting such change is alarming and sad. Spend a bit more time educating yourself and Step Away from the Fox "News". http://www.greenfacts.org/studies/climate_change/l_2/global_warming_2.htm#3

sharon said...

Oh geeze - a person that can't lay claim and identify themselves when they disagree on a subject gets absolutly NO RESPECT from me. What... they're afraid you'll lob an M80 at them Flo? Ban them from your blog? Ohhh.
"There is STRONG agreement amongst the scientific community..." The last time I checked Flo was still a respected scientist - doesn't Flo count? To say something is no longer disputable indicates to me that anonymous not only doesn't have a clue about scientific process he/she doesn't have much historical knowledge - remember when it wasn't disputable that the world was flat? Scientific theories are ALWAYS disputable and global warming causes have yet (or ever will) be proven as fact.
Just for the record I don't take sides on this issue - I don't think there is enough compelling evidence either way, but for anonymous to assume that Flo isn't doing her part for "global health" just because she doesn't believe humans are responsible for global warming makes me "assume" you live with her on a daily basis. Flo why don't you tell your husband to talk about this stuff to you in private?

sharon said...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot why I wanted to comment I can predict 4 things to occur (in scientific theory only) next week.
1. You'll have a grand enjoyable week.
2. You'll get a lot accomplished - even if it's only sleeping in.
3. You'll be fitter next week.
4. It'll go entirely way too fast!

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