Moving On....

Sorry about yesterday's post. I was going to delete it and decided to leave it, at least for now. There are definite stages I go through when things like this happen, disbelief, depression, and white hot anger. Well yesterday depression was winning out. The only anger I experienced was in writing that post. They say, sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you. Well, I tired of being lunch.

I don't really have anything to say today. I just wanted to apologize for that post. I have been reading blogs though and it's interesting. IronWil has an entry about Girl Scout cookies. What I find so interesting about this post is that we are done with those cookies. We get them in January when we are still drunk from the holiday eating and it's very easy to resist them. I don't know if I could resist their siren call now. It's 2 months after the holidays, the good intentions of New Year's is wearing off, and I haven't had any real sugar in weeks. I don't think I'm strong enough to face the cookies at the end of February. I always feel a little guilty around cookie time because I won't buy them anymore. It's not that I don't believe in the Girl Scouts or support what they do. It's the simple fact that I have zero control when face to face with the peanut butter or lemon cookies. I will eat the entire box before I get home. So now I will just throw money at the little girl in front of the store as I scream "stay away from me with those things." I still feel guilty though because I know they have contests over how many boxes are sold and I'm not buying any, so I feel bad. Especially when I was the cookie queen in my troop. I sold the most on like the eastern seaboard one year. I was a cookie selling fiend. Of course, having a humongous family who took them to work for me really helped. I think on my death bed I'll order 1 box of every cookie and eat them all by myself. I figure if I'm going to die anyway........

So, what else is new??? Oh yeah, I started my guitar and drawing classes. I'm a chemist in a lab. I do analytical, logical type thinking all day long. While I do have to get creative to solve some problems, it's not right-brain creative, it's left-brain logical creative. So learning the guitar and drawing is a big stretch for me and I love it. Every night I practice the guitar for 45 minutes to an hour (as long as my fingertips last - no calluses) then I will sit and draw for a while, it's totally awesome and I can almost feel different areas of my brain working. I love it.

That's all I have for now.


TriShannon said…
Glad you are feeling a little better (or at least not as angry) today.

I here you with the analytical/logical thinking. I stare at numbers all day, but I guess that is what I asked for when I got a degree in mathematics. It always feels good to do something creative and diferent.
Ross said…
I really feel for you with your problems with Cali. It's things like your situation that spawn violence like the Oklahoma City bombing. A less stable person might resort to that type of thing. I feel bad about your situation but I do like the post.
WADDLER26.2 said…
Glad things are better today. Keep heading that direction. So do you ever get lost when reading Iron WIl or it just me

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