25 February 2007

This is going to be tougher than I thought.

We went out yesterday afternoon to just cruise some areas and see how we felt about them. Sunday afternoon is open house day in Hawaii and I since it's only from 2-5 p.m. I don't want to waste time going to places we don't like and wouldn't live.

So yeah, that's what we did. And what did we learn from this? This is not going to be easy. Hubby has certain ideas. I have certain ideas. I'm not sure we can get those 2 ideas together enough to settle on a place. Also, he has a terrible habit of letting me take the lead and make the decision if he's not positive. I'm pretty decisive and tend to speak my mind (ya think??) so if there's something I don't like I'll just say so. Hubby won't necessarily do that. I'll ask what he thinks and I'll get a response like, "ummm, yeah, it's okay." Now what exactly does that mean. Then of course if I push him he'll get angry, "I said it's okay" then I get pissed because it was a wishy-washy okay. Yeah, this is going to be tough.

See, and this is part of the problem, I was a real estate appraiser for 10 years. I know a lot of areas and homes in them way better than he does. So I already have an idea of where I want to live. He has to be led through the areas and learn what I already know. It's going to be tough. Also, I think he kind of has his heart set on a small house with room to expand, while I'm really leaning towards a townhouse that's bigger. Oh yeah, this is going to be fun.

And, neither one of us has any real patience. We drove around for an hour yesterday and were ready to quit. He gets tired, I get tired. Then we both get cranky and start snapping at each other. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to this.

On to other things. I'm feeling much better. I think whatever it was I had was just a head cold and a couple of days of rest really kicked it out. So that's good.

On training notes, I'm getting back into my routine tomorrow. I haven't been following it very well, pretty much been doing whatever I feel like instead of sticking to a plan. So tomorrow it's back on plan. I also need to get back on to my eating plan. Some days I don't eat enough, other days I eat fried stuff, ugh!! This has got to stop. I've got to get back to eating healthy. Towards that end, while we are out looking at open houses today I will stop and pick up all the fresh stuff I'm missing so I have no excuses.

Okay, well I have to go clean house and do laundry so everything is done before 2. I do not want to have to come home and finish laundry after looking at houses, I'll be in no mood.

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Deb said...

It's esier said than done...but try to make it fun. It is soooooo exciting. Did that work? O.K., never mind. Just try to get through it without killing wach other!

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