Thank You!!

It worked!!! I've been on pins and needles all week waiting to hear from someone. They said they would call today and I spent all day thinking about it and fretting it and worrying and convincing myself it wasn't going to happen and working up Plan B..... you get the idea..

So what was all the tension about you might ask??? Well, I was preapproved for a mortgage today. Now to many of you that may not be a big thing, but to me it's huge.

First off I never really had any burning desire to own a house. It was just not a big thing to me. Of course, for the last 13 years I lived in a house on the beach and paid next to nothing in rent, that may be part of the reason. But lately taxes are just killing me and since I don't plan on having any kids, a house seemed to be the only way to reduce them. Also, I have got to get away from these freaks that live next door. It seems to be business as usual over there and I've had enough.

Second, a few years back I had my own business and allowed my partner to handle the money. Yeah, big mistake. Anyway, long story short, my credit got wrecked. Well, I've spent the last few years paying things off and getting on every one's good side. It worked. My credit score has gone up enough that we will qualify for a 100% loan. I'm sure my interest rate will be a little higher but you know what, that's okay. I can pay this for a couple years, build my credit score up even more, then refi and lower my rates. No problem!!

So I'm excited. I have a couple of properties in mind (I've been haunting the real estate websites) so now, keep your fingers crossed that I get the one I really want.

Thanks for the good vibes. I know it helped!


Vickie said…
Congrats! I am very happy for you! Believe me, I've been in a very similar situation credit wise and have suffered for years. So I know how good it feels to finally turn things around! Good luck house hunting!
Deb said…
That is awesome!!!!! Let the house shopping begin!
angelfish24 said…
Way to go on getting a loan. Hope you get a place you like. I know they can be pricey over there. Have a great week.
Ladyrunner said…
How exciting!! I'm glad it's working out!!
Ross said…
That is awesome. You've had a really greatt week with the race and now the mortgage. Sharon says hi.
That's awesome! Where are you moving to? K-Town? Good luck and We look forward to seeing you in April. I can almost smell the Shack!

WADDLER26.2 said…
Congrats-have fun house hunting!
Fe-lady said…
You are going to be SO happy being a home owner...I mean it has it'a drawbacks (you will always have to buy SOMEHTHING for the's kinda like a kid in that respect!) but you can fill it with your animals and your love and your athletic gear! Have fun and I can't wait to see a pix of what you decide to buy!

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