22 February 2007


I think I'm getting sick. On the way home last night I started feeling like I was getting a head cold, today it's worse.

I had my first guitar class last night. Totally cool. I played when I was in high school (not well) but not really since then. The guitar I have is old and doesn't seem to want to stay in tune anymore. I wonder if it's the strings. They are pretty old. Maybe they get stretched out and won't stay in tune??? I don't know.

Well, that's all I have. I'm trying to stay awake until Grey's Anatomy. Like the rest of blogland I'm totally hooked on that show. Meredith can't die - she's the main character!!!

Okay, I'm off.


Vickie said...

Well, I was surprised at how they handled the show, yet pleased it goes on. I hear they're talking about a spinoff for Addison. Why?? Anyway, hope you feel better soon, although it seems that cold thing is taking 10-14 days to subside. Just rest for a few days and don't make it worse. My son plays the guitar, is almost completely self taught, and is now a college student majoring in music, so he is in his second semester of classical guitar. Good luck on your lessons.

Duane said...

So what tunes do you want to learn?

Unknown said...

I hope you get better soon and it doesn't drag on for too long.

And congrats about being approved for a mortgage. Best wishes on your endeavor to become a home owner. :)

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