A very good day.

First, let me introduce the newest member of the family. This is a female Moluccan Cockatoo named Frodo (that name has to go). We moved her in last night and she is still not sure about all this. I know it will take a few weeks for her to adjust so we all just have to be patient.

She is 10 years old and has a very extensive vocabulary. Her cage is taller than I am. When she sits on the upper perch there is no way I can reach her.

But she's a very sweet girl and once she adjusts to us, and us to her, life will be great for her. I've been toying with the name Lady Bird. She calls herself birdie bird and pretty bird. It's a thought.

So after a very busy evening getting the bird and her huge cage into my tiny house, this morning started very early. I got up for my Friday swimming, got my act together and headed out the door. First I hit the treadmills for my HIIT. I was so freaking excited, I did it again. My recovery running was at 5 mph (for me, that's fast for recovery). My intervals were awesome. For my first interval I started at 6.1 mph, that put me at just under 10 min/miles. Second interval was 6.2 mph. Third interval was 6.3, that's puts me right around 9:30 min/miles. My fourth interval was at an unprecedented 6.5 mph, that's just over 9 min/mile. I have never, ever, in my life run that fast (yeah, that's a lie. I was the best sprinter in my jr high, but you know what I mean :). I was so freaking excited!!! I not only ran faster than I ever have, but I added a 4th interval and didn't drop dead on the spot. Woo Hoo!!!! This really makes me think that I might just be able to complete a 4 1/2 hour marathon. Oh god, did I say that out loud??? That's my super secret dream marathon time.

Okay, that's all I got tonight. It's Friday, I'm tired and the bird is sleeping on the perch making me even more tired. Have a good weekend all.


Vickie said…
What a sweet looking birdie! And great job on the run! Isn't it amazing when you get these breakthroughs? Makes you realize all the work beforehand was worth it.
Duane said…
Well you've gone and done it now! You're secret dream is out and we'll be expecting great things!
angelfish24 said…
Way to go on all the running/interval training. That's awesome. You can do whatever you put your mind to I bet, including the marathon time.
Duane said…
Flo, in response to your question: I usually do both drills and swim. The drils beacuse I am trying to get my technique and form down. Today's work out was 50 yds anchor drill (AD), 50 yds fingertip drag drill(FTDDD), then a set of 600 yds freestyle (18:30), then 50 yd sprint, 50 yd sprint, then 200 yds freestyle, then a weak attempt of 50 yds trying to bilateral breath. Sometimes I do sets of 300 yds - 100 yds AD, 100 yds FTDD, then 100 yds swim. Sometimes I throw in 50 yds of swimming with my right arm only, then 50 yds of swimming with my left arm only. I'm going back for another video analysis//esson with Mike Ricci of D3 Multisports in early March.
threecollie said…
That is a gorgeous bird. Wonderful that she is a talker. I love to listen to talking birds.
WADDLER26.2 said…
Cool bird! Also great job on those treadmill intervals, wish I could do those times!
Fe-lady said…
I bet if you keep this up you could pull off a FOUR hour marathon! Intervals in anything make me just want to stop...I come from the LSD mentality of the 70s and 80s...so fast just doesn't occur much for me.

Your Lady Bird is pretty....except that name reminds me of President Johnson's wife... :-)

Wasn't it great that they interviewed Wendy at the world championships! What a super lady...tell her I said "hi" and that I hope to be like her eight years from now! (Maybe someday I will get to meet her at the race if I play my cards right!)

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