13 March 2007

The best laid plans.

So I've been doing really, really well on my eating and workout plans. The eating is going so well I can't believe it and I can not get over how good I feel. It's amazing. I've been working out regularly and it's starting to feel really good.

Yesterday was weights and that went well. Today was HIIT and that went well also. I also wanted to get a 1 hour slow run in. Since it's still dark in the mornings I thought I'd bring my stuff to work and try running at lunch. Well, work ended up being pretty busy and I had to leave early so I didn't have time to run. I thought about running after work but that is just not my best time. So instead of stressing about it I decided to just let it go. It wasn't in the cards for today and that's just the way it was. Whew, that felt better. So no run today.

I left work early and went to this seminar that was absolutely fascinating. Some folks here and on the mainland are doing research about mercury in fish. Turns out the study that caused the FDA to tell pregnant women not to eat fish, was done in the Foares Islands and those women ate Pilot Whales. Another study from the Seychelles Islands of pregnant women found just the opposite. The Seychelles Island women ate, on average, 12 meals a week of fish. All were ocean fish and no marine mammals. So the FDA based their recommendations on a faulty study. Hmmm, who'd a thunk it???

Also, turns out that pelagic (ocean) fish that have high levels of mercury also have correspondingly high levels of selenium. Selenium is required by the human body in order to function, without it you'll die. It also turns out that selenium and mercury bond extremely tightly, acid won't break the bonds. So, mercury you eat in fish is, in general, bound to selenium and thereby doesn't bother your body. There is a lot more detail and findings but the gist of it is, eat fish. Eat lots of fish because it is really good for you.

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Vickie said...

I try not to let "studies" dictate my life or eating, since usually, as is the case here, somewhere in later years, things change. I have been eating tuna and other fish all my life on a regular basis. A friend of mine eats a can of tuna every day and has, he says, for 20 years. He's okay and I feel okay too, so its good to know that the studies were flawed.


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