13 March 2007

Credit, Debt, and all that stuff

I've had some money issues lately, I've alluded to some of them here. There is so much financial stuff around now it's hard to figure out which is good and which isn't. If you end up with a loan or credit card that isn't good it can do more damage that no credit at all. I found this site that talks about Bad Credit Credit Cards and it's really fascinating. Apparently there are some credit cards that require money up front. Why would you pay a credit card company money before you've got the card and used it??? I've had credit issues but I've never done that.

This site has some really interesting articles and information. All this stuff can be so confusing, it's nice to have it all laid out in plain english. It focuses a lot on bad credit but there is some really good information in there.

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Mal said...

For me, this is the year of "food and money" so I have appreciated your comments in the past few entries about it... Thanks, too, for the resources.

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