31 March 2007

Come Saturday morning....

So I had intentions of sleeping in some this morning. Not a lot, maybe just till now. But, alas, it was not to be. Hubby got up to go to work and felt it necessary to talk to me. Why exactly does he do that?? I don't ask much of him. I think letting me sleep in on a Saturday morning would be a little thing, but no!! So I'm up, half awake, and a little ticked. Luckily he's buying lunch so that will probably redeem him :)

Not too much going on today, just getting ready to head out for my training. My birthday is coming up and hubby has started asking me what I want. Now, he generally does this to see if there's anything special I want. If not, he'll go off and buy something and he does a magnificent job of picking presents so I'm not too worried. But I was cruising around the internet and found these Irish gifts. Now I'm not Irish but I love Celtic stuff. Every year in Honolulu they have a Scottish Festival and some folks come and sell Celtic jewelery. I love the stuff. I have a couple of silver rings with Celtic designs. Love it!!!!

Well, I guess I should get ready to go. I'm thinking of riding my bike over to the training. Since I haven't been outside yet, and they are predicting rain, I'd better check out the weather before I make a decision. I'm sure there'll be more later. Have a good Saturday.

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