01 April 2007

6 miles from hell,

or the training plan that doesn't work.

When last we left our hero she was heading off to her Nutro training.

I left the house yesterday morning and rode my bike to the Nutro training. It was a beautiful morning though cold. There was dew on the grass. Okay, I know our dew point is 70F but dang that's cold here. So I rode to the training. Then proceeded to sit through 5 hours on a hard bottom chair (lucky I had my bike shorts on). After the training (watch closely, here's where it gets ugly) I rode over and met hubby for lunch. He had a pitcher of beer waiting when I got there. We polished off that and I ordered another. We ate and drank and ate and drank...... Oh my goodness!!
I probably should explain, I have beer every Saturday with lunch. But I have 1 beer!! One!!!

We then went grocery shopping and bought cookies and ice cream and all kinds of useless stuff. Yeah, nothing wrong here. By the time we get home I'm seriously drunk. I start eating chocolate covered Oreos (yeah, that's not good). Before you know it I'm passed out on the couch pretty sure I'm going to be ill. So that's how I passed the afternoon.

By the time I went to bed I was feeling better but tired. I got up this morning as it is Sunday and this would be marathon training. As I'm getting ready to go I start shaking and realized I'm a little hung-over. This is not going to be good. I decide to go on with my plans anyway.

I get to the Marathon clinic and yeah, I'm not feeling so hot. I decided maybe the running with get the remnant alcohol out of my system. So we take off and within 1/2 mile I'm positive I'm going to die. Rather than tell the group I was bailing out, I just decided to tough it out. Oh My God!!! It was pure hell. I kept having to stop and walk for a minute or two. I drank water like I hadn't seen it in years. It was painful.

Then, things aren't bad enough, let's go from bad to worse. Around mile 4 I feel something in my shoe under my arch. Hmmmm. I ran a little more only to realize this wasn't going away. I stop to see if I could remove it. There was nothing there except the beginnings of a blister. This is wonderful. Can this day get any better??? Oh, yes, it can!!! It started on my other foot in the exact same place. WTF?????? By mile 5.5 I could no longer run. It was all about walking and trying to get back to my car. I figured I'd be lucky if my foot wasn't a bloody stump by the time I got back. Well, the good part is I did the 6 miles, I toughed it out and got through it.

So now I have these lovely blisters on both arches. I need to find out why this happened because I've got to make sure it doesn't happen again. So, as a cap to the day, I had to work Nutro this afternoon from noon to 3. This meant 3 hours on my feet. Yeah!!!! It wasn't bad but this day couldn't have been better.

So, it's off to the couch for some rest and relaxation for what's left of Sunday. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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