If this is Tuesday...

it must be interval day. I've moved to the next level in my training. I've been doing 3 intervals but today I moved up to 4. Whew, what a jump. It really felt good though.

A few posts ago I extolled the virtue of the Afterburn program. Well, truth be told, I wasn't following it as I should have been. I was doing pretty well on the nutrition side, probably 75% compliance rate. The exercise side was not so good. That probably only garnered a 50% compliance rate. Not very good and hardly an endorsement for the program. But, in spite of me, it's been working. I've gotten into smaller size shorts. I know I've lost fat around my middle and I see muscles on my arms and legs that weren't there a few months ago. So that's all good.

Over the weekend I was looking at some athletes and admiring their muscular, sculpted bodies and wondered if I could look like that. I then realized that 75% nutritional compliance and 50% training compliance was never going to get me there. So I recommitted to the program. I am taking it slow and shooting for 1 week of perfection at a time. (Perfection = 90% compliance with eating and 100% compliance with exercise). Yesterday went well and today if off to a good start. We'll see what happens at the end of the week.

Nothing else to say. I'm going to eat breakfast and then get some work done.


WADDLER26.2 said…
Good job on adding another interval.
TriShannon said…
I know you can pull off a week of perfection! Great job adding on an interval.
Jessie said…
You are really an inspiration. I'll be back to see how it goes this week!

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