27 March 2007

One of life's little annoyances.

While I love my hubby dearly, sometimes he makes me want to throttle him about the head and shoulders until sanity returns. Let me explain. Our house has a pretty large yard, front and back. In the front we have a garden, our first tomatoes sprouted - woo hoo!!! On the side of the house is a concrete pad where we wash cars. My husband is the type that has to have a hose every two feet around the house. God forbid he should have to unroll the hose it's entire length (because he can't use short hoses) and move from one area to the other. No. It's much better to have these monster hoses every 2 feet. Now, in theory I don't care, in practice it drives me crazy. First, these are long hoses and hence a pain in the butt to use. They are hard to unwind, they are heavy, and they are a pain in the as* to put away. One hose has one of those crank things but it never works right and I end up rolling the hose by hand AND IT PISSES ME OFF!!!

Well, I think I may have found the solution. Here is a water powered hose reel that may very well save my marriage. Or at least prevent hubby from dying a premature death by being strangled by a monster hose. Apparently there's a little switch on the side that redirects the water to a piston that wraps the hose up. This totally rocks and I think we're off to WalMart this weekend to check them out.

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