15 March 2007

I've heard this works.

There are all these ads now about how you can pay off your mortgage quicker without spending anymore money and how you can actually build wealth with just what you make now. I've never understood it completely, and not sure I do yet. But, as I'm going to be buying a house in the not too distant future, I've decided that I need to learn and understand these things.
I found this place, mortgage that seems to explain it. Apparently by putting all your money, mortgage, pay, savings, into one account you actually bring down the balance of your mortgage and not only pay it off quicker but pay considerably less interest. You can also incorporate your high interest credit cards and pay a much lower interest rate.
I do know that this is a big thing and a good way to get your house paid off sooner. Since I will be purchasing soon, I'm going to spend some time here and see exactly how it works. I think it's a fantastic idea if it's as easy as it sounds. I know I don't want to be paying a mortgage when I'm 90 years old :)

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Vickie said...

I'll let you do the research! I want a house too.

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