15 March 2007

Ugh!!! My Foot!!!

I fully blame this on Vicki (just kidding).

I went for my run at lunch time. Now this is the first time I've ever done that. I am NOT a lunch time exerciser. But honestly, I've read for awhile now how a lot of you out in blogland do exercise at lunch so I thought, what the hay!!!

It went well. I ran 4.4 miles in 56 minutes. Gulp!! That's pretty good. For me anyway. Considering that before my run on Sunday I can not remember when I ran last. I probably could but I'd have to work at it.

So as I'm getting back to work my right foot started hurting. I immediately thought of Vicki and thought to myself, this can't be happening!!! It was. By this afternoon my foot was killing me. I stopped by the bank on the way home and I could hardly walk from the car to the bank. I was walking funny and my hip and back were hurting. Oh this is so not good. I'm sitting here rolling a golf ball under my foot and writhing in agony. I'm dying. Ugh!!! I know this will pass but man, it hurts now.

I guess I'm going to have to be a little aggressive in my PF too. It pretty much constantly twinges but a stretch or two and it goes away. Not this time. This is going to take work.


Vickie said...

So that's why my fot has been feeling better! I must have passed this on to you. Sorry! I'm finding that by upping the intensity of my workouts, even while mostly shorter, the faster pace is probably part of my problem. Yours then could be from doing the same thing. Ihave been stretching, icing, and taking ibuprofen regularly this week. Its still there, but at least I can walk. Hope yours clears up soon too.

Unknown said...

Maybe you went too far for your first time out running for a while.

Hope your foot feels better soon!

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