28 March 2007

Life Insurance.

So, in a sort of twisted continuation of my I'm a child post. I've been thinking about life insurance recently. It's a very adult thing to be thinking about. I'm not sure of my views on life insurance. In one way, it's a great idea. If you die you won't leave you're loved ones in a dire financial situation. Also funeral costs are fairly expensive. I want to be cremated, even that's not cheap. So it's definitely something to consider.

On the other hand. Life insurance is basically you saying I'm not going to die, and the insurance company saying, bet you are!! It's seems somehow macabre to make money off some one's death. It's that old thing, you're worth more dead than alive. I don't know. As you can see I have some issues that I just waffle on.

But, there are some circumstances where having life insurance is vitally important. If you don't have money, I think it's a good idea. If you have little children, I think it's imperative. Maybe some other situations I can't think of right now. I did find a place that doesn't require a medical exam. That's good in some circumstances.

I know I've been rolling the whole life insurance question around lately. We are moving into a period of great financial change. If something happened to one of us it would really throw a wrench in things. But I know I can't get hubby to sit for a medical exam. So a no medical life insurance would be perfect.

Anyway, it's a very adult thing to do. So, you might want to consider life insurance. And no exam insurance would make it really convenient and easy.

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