29 March 2007

Don't know what's going on

but I'm finding fault with everything today. I know part of the reason is the end of the month. We have a number of clients who have to test monthly and they wait until almost the last day of the month to sample. So generally, the last week of the month I'm swamped with samples. UGH!!! It really pisses me off because last week was really slow and they could have brought the samples in then. Also, they need the results by a certain date and waiting till the last day of the month gives me just that less time to run them. So I'm feeling a little grumpy.

But, on the health side of the equation, things are going well. I have now been shooting for perfection since Monday. I missed 1 meal on Tuesday and had some ice cream last night. Now, technically the ice cream was well within my calorie range for the day so I'm only counting it has half a miss (if that makes sense). Since I'm shooting for 90% compliance and I have 42 meals a week, that means I can err on 4 meals. So I'm doing okay. But it's really starting to pay off, I can feel it. First, I feel lighter - god, I love that feeling. Second, I'm waking just before the alarm. Third, I'm able to stay up later. When I'm eating right and exercising my energy shows up in not needing as much sleep, and clearly that's starting to happen.

Speaking of exercise...... That's going well. Yesterday the weight routine called for some explosive moves. I've never really done those before and it's fun. It kind of makes me feel like a kid, squatting down and jumping up - fun.

Okay, that's it for today. I have lots of work and I may have to run out to pick up some samples - UGH!!!! People!!!!

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