18 March 2007

Marathon Training Part 2

This morning was the 2nd meeting of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic. It was good. After last week's slowness with the beginner group, I decided to kick it up a notch and move to the intermediates. Actually, that decision took some time to get to. I was debating the whole drive over which group to go with. My plantar had been so bad on Thursday I was seriously considering the beginner group again just because I knew they'd be slow. On the other hand, my foot was feeling much better, and I wondered if my excessively slow running last week attributed to my problem. Can you see my dilemma?? I went back and forth the whole way there. Finally I just decided to go for it. If my foot hurt, my foot hurt. I did not want to run that slow again.

So I hooked up with the slow intermediate group. They run around 12-13 mins/mile which is a pace I can sustain for a fairly long time. The next group goes at 11-10 mins/mile. After I've been running consistently for a while I may be able to join this group.

We had a good run. It was about 4.5 miles in 1:16, that time includes water stops along the way. One of the water stops took almost 10 minutes. It was fun. A good group and I think I'll enjoy this :) Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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