16 March 2007

Sometimes I drive myself crazy.

I'm alone at work today and that's not good cause I spend too much time in my head.

I was just walking around the lab and I started worrying about my foot. What if it doesn't heal by Sunday for my training?? What if it never heals?? What if I have to live with this pain for the rest of my life?? Now how ridiculous is that??? I'm crazy I swear I am.

Then I was thinking about Xena the warrior Moluccan. Actually I was thinking about Mango who was killed by Nala. Then I started thinking about Xena and worrying that she would somehow get out of her cage and into the living room where Nala is and something would happen to her. What the hell is wrong with me????
I can't be left alone, clearly it's not good for my mental health. Ugh!!!!


IronWaddler said...

It's amazing where your mind can take you

Duane said...

So, there are people who worry like I do! Now I know I'm not alone! :-)

TriShannon said...

Sometimes I wish there was an off switch to my brain just so that I can stop the thinking and over-analyzing. :)

angelfish24 said...

I know it's hard not to think thoughts like that. After watching that secrt dvd, I'm trying to just think positive as they say thinking negative thoughts will just lead to more. You will get better!!!

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