01 March 2007

New Month - New Start.

Life is what happens while you're making other plans. That could be the theme of the last 2 months. Well, enough of that. I have 45 days until my birthday and I have goals I want to achieve by that date.

Since I have lost 2 months I am revising my goals slightly. A little over 6 weeks till that day. I will lose 10 pounds in that time. In spite of everything that has been going on, I've managed to lose 4 lbs this month. So I think with a little focus on me I could lose 10 in 6 weeks. Goal #1.

Goal #2: My exercise has been sporadic at best. The good thing about this is that my back and hip do not hurt at all anymore. The bad thing is I feel like a marshmallow person. There are actually 46 days till I age. I will exercise everyday until then. I will have 1 day a week that will be very light; walking, biking, etc; the other 6 will be tough.

I guess that's all the goals for the next 6 weeks. I don't have any races planned and probably won't do many this year. I'm thinking I won't be doing any tris. I've decided that until we get into our house we are cutting our spending back to the bare bone, and unfortunately since races are so expensive, they have to go. I'm also quitting the Y for now so the only swimming I'll be doing is in the ocean. Doesn't it kind of seem silly to pay for a pool when we are surrounded by ocean??? I'm kind of looking forward to this though. I'm going to focus on my running and biking. I want to really work on those and be really good at them and this seems like a good time to do that :)

I'm already signed up for the marathon, so that will be my serious focus this year. I have a goal for that and I have 9 months to work on it :) Also, the Honolulu Marathon holds a free training clinic every year starting in March. I think I'll do that. It will really help keep my training focused if I have some accountability to a group. It's also getting lighter here later so I'll start running at night soon.

I feel good about these decisions. With all that's going on with buying the house and getting the tax thing straightened out, taking the pressure of racing off myself makes me feel better. Also, once we get into a house, I get a bike. I can definitely look forward to that. The way I look at it is I'm going to have a year of base building. In 2008 I'll be kicking butt and taking names. Definitely something to look forward to.

Okay, I do believe I've rambled on enough. This stuff has been floating around my head for about a week now, I just needed to get it all laid out so I could see it in writing. I probably should go get some work done - ugh!!


Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

Training groups are the best to have. I couldn't immagine not having the camaraderie. You picked a great marathon. Destination races, can't beat them!

Be carefull with your goals! 10lbs in 6 weeks is a lot. If you don't eat enough & are still doing really tough workouts, you might eat into your muscle a little bit, rather than loose fat. Just be careful!


TriShannon said...

Yay for goals!

Unknown said...

Your goals and decisions sound good!!

Here, Here to base building!!

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