05 March 2007

Not sure what's going on....

but I'm feeling very unsettled. It's almost like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop but I haven't heard the first one.

I am a little worried about Xena, the warrior moluccan. I've had her just about a month now and I think she's depressed. She has this habit of twirling her chest feathers so they all stick up, other birds pluck their feathers, she twirls them. Well, she's started doing that. She's become extremely quiet which is totally unlike her and she just seems kind of down and listless. I'm hoping she's just sad and not sick.

Other than that everything is okay, I guess I'm just worried about her.

The alarm went off at 4:30 a.m and I rolled right over and went back to sleep. I did get up at 5:30 but that blew my weight training this morning, so I did HIIT.

Okay, nothing really to say. I'm feeling kind of antsy and just can't focus my thoughts. I'll try and write more later.

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