Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

I am not a night owl. Not at all. I am a morning person - big time. I love to be up before the sun and to get things done. Nothing better than hitting 9 a.m. with most of my chores behind me. Maybe it goes back to my time in the Army, who knows. So most nights I'm in bed by 9 p.m. If I'm up to watch the 10 p.m. news, I'm up late!!!

Monday night is my drawing class. It ends at 8:30 p.m. and it's a 20 minute drive home. Do you see where I'm going with this??? Generally when I get home I can't go to bed right away. I need to take time to decompress a little. Luckily I learned rapidly to eat dinner before I go or else I would be up until midnight ( I can not go to bed right after I eat). Wednesdays are worse because I don't get out of class until 9 p.m.

Last night drawing class was really good. I'm actually pretty darn good at drawing. I got home at 8:50 and farted around for a while. Finally about 9:15 I forced myself to go to bed. Well I ended up reading until almost 10 when I finally shut the light off. I did not sleep well. I must have woke up about 5 times for various reasons. Finally at 4:30 a.m. my alarm went off. I turned it off and planned on getting up to workout. Umm, yeah, not so much. I fell right back to sleep, of course it has to be the best sleep all night, and did not wake up till hubby was leaving at 5:30. Since this morning I was supposed to do weights and now did not have enough time, I lay there beating myself up. Then I decided to do HIIT again. It's 20 minutes, I have plenty of time and it's better than nothing. Technically I'm not supposed to do 2 days of HIIT back to back but it was that or nothing. I jump out of bed, throw my workout clothes on and head to the studio. I did my 20 minutes and felt phenomenal!!!! Yeah!! So victory was snatched from the jaws of defeat this morning. Woo Hoo!!!!!! (I will take success anywhere I find it :)

What does this all mean? It means I have to change my workout schedule. I'm not going to get up on Tuesday and Thursday mornings after having classes Monday and Wednesday nights. So I'm shifting my schedule around to accommodate my classes/sleeping schedule. So there, problem solved.


Ellie said…
That was easy!
angelfish24 said…
Sounds like a good idea to switch the schedule around. I'm the opposite, a night owl but I've learned to get up early if I have to. I had to on my vacation as my dad is an early riser and he bangs about the house. Hope your bird is doing better.
Ross said…
Today I snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. I was supposed to go riding this morning with a buddy but had to work on my step daughter's car.
TriShannon said…
Gald you were able to work things out this morning. Hope the schedule change makes things a little easier for you.
Vickie said…
Good for you! I know the routine, and am glad I have that 20 minute blast to fall back on now too. Like you said, better than nothing. I have the same problem on Thursdays, since Tues. and Wednesday nights I am up/out late and Thursday is always a problem. See, you are moving forward, even if it is only a 20 minute workout. Those 20 minutes add up to success.
Deb said…
I hear ya Flo.... I'm a proud morning person as well. The schedule can get a littel tricky though. I can't toggle between early & late very well so there lies my struggle. Good luck with the new plan!

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