24 March 2007

Oh, what a night......

Late September back in '63. What a very special time for me. What a lady, what a night.

Okay, if you remember that song your age and bad taste in music is showing :)

Do other people think in music like I do??? I can put music to almost every major event in my life. I hear certain songs and I can conjure up a memory I haven't had in years and years. It's almost like music is a electrode stimulating my brain. I can remember words to songs I learned when I was 6 years old. I can tell you the first record I bought (Three Dog Night - Jeremiah was a Bullfrog). I always assume other people are like this too, but now that I think about it - I bet not. Music really is the soundtrack of my life.

Okay, sorry for that little tangent there, but sometimes that's how my mind works - scary huh???

So last night! Ugh!! First of all we have an opportunity that is just unbelievable. I am hoping and praying it comes through. Hubby has a regular full time job but he also has a part time job at a tennis club. The tennis club has a house on it where this person lives. This person does a little maintenance but mainly is there at night when the club is closed for security. Well, that person has turned in his notice - he's moving out. The club manager immediately called hubby and asked if we're interested in moving in. It would mean hubby would go on salary for the club since he'll be kind of "on duty" all the time. It would also mean no rent.

This would be so incredibly awesome on so many levels I can't even begin to imagine. First, we could get away from the murdering, drug dealing as*hole who, I found out, will probably never go to jail for dealing drugs because he wasn't busted with enough. It doesn't matter that he's a convicted murderer, this is his first drug bust and that's all they look at. I've gotten so I hate coming home because that as*hole is always around. I'm not afraid of him like I was in the beginning, just pissed that our system is so screwy he can still be walking the streets. So, yeah, I want to move.

Second, all our money issues would be history in literally months. I could have the IRS and the Socialist State of California paid off in like 3 months. Then I could put some serious money away and next year at this time we'd be in a perfect position to buy a house.

There's other reasons but those are the 2 biggies. The only drawback is they have a no dogs rule. Hubby told the manager there's no way we're giving up the dogs. Manager said he's pretty confident he can get the board to change the rule. The board members love hubby. In the year he's been there he's done amazing things with the club and everyone is so happy. So manager is going to talk to the board and let us know. Keep your fingers crossed.

The timing could not be better since our lease at this place ends on April 1. We could give our notice next week and move at the end of the month. I am so ready for this, you have no idea.
So I was thinking about that all night and very excited.

I had a hard time getting the birdies to bed. With 2 moluccans the noise level is a little high and they kind of keep each other going. I finally got them settled around 10 and went off to bed. I was so tired last night. Around midnight, Nala-the pit bull, go up and she needs help getting back into bed because of her hip dysplasia. So I got up to help her back to bed. Then around 3:30 all of a sudden Xena, the warrior moluccan, started screaming and flapping her wings. I came flying into the birdie room to find her on the floor of her cage all freaked out. I had to calm her down and get her settled. That must have taken 1/2 an hour. I couldn't find anything wrong or any reason for her freak out so I decided either a) she had a bad dream, or b) she fell off her perch during her sleep and scared herself. So that was my night. And, because of the birdies, I couldn't sleep up. They get up with the sun. This morning I'm tired and would just like to go back to bed, but that's not going to happen. Maybe a nap later.

Xena just chewed through a box and got a toy out. She's so proud of herself, shaking the toy and showing it to me, such a smart birdie.

Okay, so keep your fingers crossed that this all works out. It's the law of attraction, I'm putting out the positive energy that this will occur.


Unknown said...

Best wishes on the tennis club thing. Sure hope they decide the dogs are okay and it comes through. Sounds like a perfect solution.

What a night you had! I've had nights like that, but never with any screaming birds. It sounds funny reading it, but it probably was not even close to funny when you were wanting sleep...

angelfish24 said...

Good luck on getting the house at the golf course, that sounds like an awesome opportunity for you guys.
Hope your birds settle down so you can get some rest!

Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

Two lovebirds make enough noise to wake me. Two cockatoos? HAHAHAHAHAHA! You have my hearfelt sympathy. Your boss is lucky, it's hard to find good bird sitters.

Good luck on the house thing. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

TriShannon said...

What perfect timing! Hope the tennis club house works out.

The birds... I had to laugh, but I'm sorry you got little sleep.

CyberCelt said...

I have specific songs that signify certain events in my life. Lot of woman angst--like the Motels, Pat Benatar, the Pretenders.

Then I had children and listened to Celtic Harp music, lullabies and Kid Songs until I thought I would go mad.

Now, my life is like: Going to the Country, Got to Get Away ...

Maybe we should write our soundtrack while we still remember it? LOL

Comm's said...

caught the tune right off the title. Could be a true blessing for you. I take it the dues would be waived, so save more money.

Vickie said...

Once again, I am amazed at how much we think alike! Playing cards last night, we listened to an "80s weekend" on the radio, and I could easily relate songs to different events in my life during that time. I seem to set my life to music too. As for the opportunity, it sounds great! Maybe all that grief is finally paying off and you can get out of that place. Keep us posted!

tri-mama said...

"Oh what a night..." singing in my best falsetto voice. Sounds like a good chance the house will work out-fingers crossed and saying a little prayer for you (I say a little prayer for you...) We are kindred song spirits. It's a rare moment I'm not singing, and most of the time is some ancient commercial or song or whatever :-)

Shelly said...

My husband and I both define our lives with music. I relate the music to events, my husband remembers the year and month that a song hit the charts! And we have tickets to see Frankie Valli sometime this summer!

Good luck with the house. That would be so awesome.

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