25 March 2007

You guys crack me up!!

So apparently I'm not the only one who sings cheesy old songs all the time. That is good to know. Like Trimama I'm usually singing and it's usually something old. I can usually find a song to fit just about any situation. How sad is that?? Cybercelt is right, I probably should write the soundtrack down before I forget them :)

This morning I wake up with Jackson Browne's, That Girl Could Sing, stuck in my head!!! The worst part is I can't remember all the words and while I could go look them up, instead I will work on the song all day to remember as much as I can. Then I'll go look them up. Nuts I tell you, nuts!!!

Well, last night was much better than the night before. At least we all slept through the night. My boss will be home this morning so by noon the house will be back to normal - Thank God!!!

This morning was marathon clinic but I was so tired yesterday from that horrible night and I was sleeping so good, I totally missed the alarm. Clinic starts at 7:30 and is a 45 minute drive away. I woke up at 6:35. With 2 dogs and 3 birds to feed, water, and clean before I leave, no way was I going to make it. So I gave myself a bye this week. Besides, my plantar is feeling considerably better and running today may have screwed it up again. I'm 9 months out from my marathon, missing a day now will be fine.

Okay, that's all I got today. I'm going to clean house, then I have to write up a letter for the board of the racquet club explaining why our dogs would not be a problem if they lived there. Wish me clear thinking and good writing skills.

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