27 March 2007

So do you ever think about money??

No, I mean really think about money. Do you ever look at the paper dollars and wonder why it has such value?? I do. I find it very bizarre that we work so hard, worry so much, try to get more, of these pieces of metal and pieces of paper we call money.

There was a time when our money was backed by something. Gold and silver. So back in the day when gas was really cheap, like 25 cents a gallon, you could buy 4 gallons for a dollar. That dollar was worth a certain amount of silver. Well, guess what. That same amount of silver will still buy 4 gallons of gas. So what was worth $1.00 then is now worth $12.00 now. That also demonstrates how well gold and silver hold their value, what was worth 4 gallons then is still worth 4 gallons now. It's that the paper money has become cheaper, so what took $1 now takes $12. It takes more and more paper money to buy the same amount of stuff. It makes you see that it's not necessarily that things have gone up, but that paper money is worth less and less.

I've been hearing for years and years to invest in gold coin as a hedge against inflation. I'm seeing the point now. I never really understood until it was laid out like it is above. As I'm getting older I'm really starting to think about things like this. I don't want to have to work forever so I may have to check into investing in gold and silver.

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angelfish24 said...

I had some silver quite a while ago. Wish I hadn't sold it now but needed to at the time.
Get tired of thinking about money, money, but what can U do. We could sell all our worldy possessions and live with little to nothing but that is hard to do. I could live on the beach in Hawaii. Oh yeah, that would be good either. Still hoping for my big lottery winning, ha, a pipe dream.

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