21 April 2007

Traveling to distant shores....

Well, that's not too hard when you live on a rock in the middle of the ocean. Every journey is one to distant shores :)

Seriously. living on an island you do get rock fever. When I first moved to Hawaii I visited the mainland every 6 months. Gradually it became once a year. Then once every couple of years. Now it few and far between the times I leave this rock. But I like to travel.

Since it is such a chore to plan and take a trip from Hawaii, I like to do lots of things when I travel. Once of the things that bother me about some travel sites is that you can only arrive and leave from one place. So what if I want to arrive in New Oreleans and leave from New York??? On most other sites, too bad. But I found a site that allows you to do that. Hotel Reservations allows you to book 2 cities. You can book plane travel between cities or get to the 2nd city on your own and return from there. You have no idea how great that is.

We are planning a fairly lengthy trip in 2008. We want to arrive in New Orleans, travel by car up the eastern seaboard visiting friends and family, and leave from New York or Vermont, or somewhere up there. I want to do the New York Marathon while I'm there :) I've been cruising the internet in my spare time trying to find places to go, ways to book the trip, etc.

Hotel Reservations has some great deals on hotels and rental cars not to mention air fares. I'm really excited about this site. Wish I could book my trip right now :) They also seem to have some deals on vacation resorts that are cheaper than I would pay ( as a resident I pay lower prices for rooms here ;).

Anyway, I've bookmarked this site so that I have it handy when it's time to book my trip. If you're traveling you should check it out.

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