21 April 2007

Bike Ride

I've been meaning to do this for a while now and just keep forgetting to take the pictures.
On my bike route I pass by the waste water treatment plant for Waimanalo. I've always found it amusing that outside the treatment plant are cotton plants. I have no idea why. I've never seen cotton plants anywhere else on the island. But there it is growing outside the wastewater treatment plant.

This is outside the treatment plant. Those bushes all along the road are cotton plants.

These are the flowers of the cotton plant. They are yellow but then turn red, I'm assuming they do that before they fall off.

After the flower falls off this pod forms. Once the pod breaks open there are puffs of cotton.

This has always fascinated me. Why are their cotton plants by the wastewater treatment plant in Waimanalo of all places??? It's not like Waimanalo is a big town. It is an agricultural area with lots of flower farms and nurseries. Maybe that's it. Who knows!!!

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