25 March 2007

Whew, glad that's over.

My boss picked up her bird and my house is now back to normal. As I was getting her bird ready to go you would not believe the noise level in my house. Both birds were going off, loudly, the dogs were barking at them, OMG it was insane. Right now there is total silence and I am digging it.

Well, it looks like the house at the racquet club might be closer then we know. Just keep thinking good thoughts so this works. God, I want to get out of this hellhole of a neighborhood.

Aside from take care of birds, clean house, and do laundry, I haven't done much today. I keep coming to the computer and reading blogs. You guys aren't writing much today, what's up with that???

Well, that's it. I don't have anymore than I did this morning. I just felt the need to share my quiet house with you all. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Rumor has it spring is here :)

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