02 April 2007

Amazing Race

Does anyone else watch this?? I'm probably the only one left who still watched it. I've loved this show from the beginning and I still love it. I'm trying to find someone who would go on it with me, but everyone who's interested there's always some sort of conflict. Ugh!!!

Anyway, last nights show was interesting. I've never seen that happen before where the teams were leaving the rest stop before some of the teams were in.

I knew the Guido's were going to get eliminated. They had to finish in 1st place or suffer a 30 minute penalty. Well, they arrived at the rest stop after 3 teams had already left. You know they were toast, and they were.

That's too bad. I hated them the first season they were on, but I've grown fond of them this season. Age has apparently mellowed all of us :)

I want to see Joyce and Uchenna win, or Oswald and Danny. They are the nicest 2 teams and are really racing their hearts out.

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