02 April 2007

A new week, a new month.

This month is going to be busy, I can tell. It's already packed with stuff and it's only day 2.

I didn't get up this morning, I was just too stinking tired from my crazy weekend. Plus school starts again tonight so it will be a late night. I decided to just sleep in a little.

I was reading a blog (sorry, I forgot which one or I would link it) about dieting. They had some great practical jokes that people of done. Like the weight loss socks. They supposedly sucked fat out of your body as your body temp went up. Apparently people bought them. People will buy anything, and that's scary. If you need to lose weight you need to do a diet comparison before you jump into something you're not familiar with.

I've given myself a slight reprieve for the next 2 weeks. Nutrition will be closely watched, but exercise is flexible. I'll be having classes again and I'm starting the Nutro work on weekends. I'm allowing an adjustment period. I find that if I ease up on myself I actually tend to accomplish more. Hmmm. Imagine that.

Okay, I'm off to work.

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