25 April 2007

Another awesome workout....

This morning was interval day. I pushed it - hard. Damn, it felt good. I can still feel my quad muscles. I like that feeling.

I've been working this same program for about 3 months now and I guess I wasn't working as hard as I should at it. The last 2 days have showed me that I have not been working up to my potential. So that's changed. From now on every workout will be a kick butt session. I want to see drastic changes by June 1 so I've got to get on it.

I've been trying to figure out how to work my marathon training into my weight fat loss efforts. Then the master Alywn Cosgrove wrote an article explaining exactly how to do that and why it's good. (I can't get the linking to work, I'll link it later).

Now it's time to focus on the diet part. I've been eating really clean but I haven't been keeping track of the calories. I think it's time to do a diet review. I figure I'll go over my basic diet this weekend and purchase whatever I may need to be within the guidelines I set up.

Warning there are going to be a couple of posts in a row. I have some housekeeping issues to take care of.

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