24 April 2007

Blockbuster deal.

I know Netflix is super popular with a lot of folks. I don't use it because a) I rarely watch movies (adult ADD, I can't sit still that long :) and b) when I do want to watch a movie I want to watch it now!! So Netflix is definitely not for me.

Blockbuster however is a whole other story. Their program allows you to order through the Internet/mail like the other guys, but you can also use it in the stores. It's $9.99 for the first month and $17.99 a month after that. For that you get to take 3 DVD's for as long as you like. So for $17.99 a month you could watch movies till your head caved in. If you rent at the regular price you could only rent about 4 movies a month for $17.99. With this program you could rent 3 movies a day. The best part is that you can return them to the store or just drop them in the mail. How easy is that??? And right now they are running a free trial where you get 2 weeks for free. I think this is much more convenient and appealing then the other guys.

There are a couple of movies that I do want to see and I may have to make a trip to Blockbuster to pick a couple up. Actually, I think I'm going to give this a try. I think I'll go register and order me some movies. For $9.99 for the first month and there is a 2 week free trial, I can not go wrong with that.

I'm going to put a link over on my sidebar there. If you want to give it a try just click away.

Click Here

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Dances with Corgis said...

Ha... I was just at blockbuster two days ago and they were pushing this program on me. ;) I'm a netflix gal for now though. Just ordered some cheesy chick flicks: The Way We Were!

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