Bells will be ringing....

Hubby and I were talking the other night. When we got married it was very small and intimate. Just family and a few friends on the beach in Monterey. Friends took photos, unfortunately most of them didn't come out for whatever reason. So we have nothing from our wedding. We were thinking about maybe having another one. Maybe on our 20th anniversary (which is 2 years away:) we would throw the wedding we never had.

On the Internet I found a place that has unique personalized wedding favors. We could get favors that have our wedding date on it. How cool would that be??? This site has some great stuff. Traditional wedding stuff like matches and such. But also some really unique stuff, personalized candles, digital picture frames, disposal cameras with a wedding motif. This is totally cool.

Ah, it's probably something we'll never do. We remember our wedding and that's really what matters.


Ellie said…
That WOULD be cool, having your wedding date on the favors!

OTOH, what you said about remembering the wedding works, too...

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