24 April 2007

My workout this morning kicked butt!!!

After my rest day yesterday and the weight loss, I was super inspired to workout this morning. Yesterday should have been weight day but since I took the day off and still want to get 3 weight sessions in this week, I did weights this morning. I always warm up on the elliptical for 5 minutes before I start. I figure that's a good way to get the blood flowing at 5 in the morning. I jumped on an by 1:30 I was pouring sweat and I could feel my legs. I thought to myself, "Wooo, I'm taking it up a notch" By the time I finished my 5 minutes I was really breathing hard and sweating buckets. Yes!!!

So I grab the weights to begin and I upped the weights on all moves slightly and really pushed it. At the end of each set I could really feel like I'd had a good workout. It was awesome. At the end of the workout out I could really feel my quad muscles. In fact they were shaking even after I got out of the shower. Yes!!!

I realized yesterday that I needed to take my training to the next level and I accomplished that this morning. I can't wait for tomorrow. That's running and intervals :)

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TriShannon said...

Love these days!!

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