29 April 2007

Do not step on the scale, do not step on the scale,

do not step on the scale.....

As you can see I'm trying to avoid the scale. I feel like I've lost a little more weight but I don't want to step on the scale to see it up. If I do that it will bum me out and since Sundays are not my best eating days, I want to wait till Monday to face the scale.

Most of my t-shirts are men's. That's what they give out at races, that's what most stores sell, so that's mostly what I have; men's t-shirts. I purchased a junior t-shirt that's red with turtles because every Friday I wear red in support of the troops. I also have some white collared polo shirts that I have to wear when I work for Nutro that were juniors. Both these shirts were a little tight. They felt stretched across the upper back (obviously I am developing massive muscles from all my training :) And finally I have a pair of black shorts that I wear when I work Nutro that have never fit me right. The waist fits but they feel too tight around the hips. I really hate them but they are the right length and for 4 hours they are okay.

So Friday I put the red shirt on and it fit and did not feel stretched, woo nice!! Yesterday I put the shorts on and they were loose, woo hoo!!! Then I put the shirt on and it was not tight at all, yee haa!!!! By the time my 4 hour shift was over my shorts were slipping down to my hips. That had never happened in these particular shorts. This was a huge success. I have no doubt my weight is down but I just can't look until tomorrow. I have to be strong!!!

In other news. My back, butt, and hips are giving me such problems I've come to a few decisions. First off, I'm going to reduce my computer time. I think sitting in this chair is a large part of the problem. Working out regularly helps a lot, but I think not sitting on my as* so much would help more. Second, I've started Core Performance again. When I did that regularly it helped keep me flexible and build core strength, so I'm back to it. I had tried to do yoga but for that I need to use a DVD, I just don't know the moves well enough to do it on my own. With this book I can do the moves while I watch TV. Also, they have some really functional moves that I like and that provide stretching to multiple muscle groups. So I'm doing that at night before bed.

Okay, I guess that's all I've got this morning. I have to go workout then get my chores done :) It's almost 7 a.m. I slept in a little this morning so I need to get moving. Hope everyone has a good Sunday.


angelfish24 said...

Woohoo! On your clothes getting looser. It's such a good feeling. And your prob. tightening up due to wt training, right?

TriShannon said...

I bet that number on the scale will be down, but if not, know your cloths are fitting better which means you are getting smaller. As my mom tells me every time I complain about my weight... muscle weighs more than fat. Yay for loose cloths!!!

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