28 April 2007

The next step.

I'm still on the fence about what my next move should be. As I've said before I want to find work I can do at home at least most of the time. I'm seriously considering distance learning to get into something different. Looking around for schools though is hard. I do not want to get ripped off and I'm not looking for a diploma mill. But then the biggest question is what do I want to study??? I don't know.

Capella University seems to be a good place. Their faculty are writing books and hold PhD, so it sounds like a great place. One of their faculty members has co-written a book: 'Appreciative Coaching: A positive process for change' That's an interesting line of study, life coaching. I'm not sure I could do that though. I can't exactly figure my own life out yet I'm going to help someone else figure theirs out??? Ummm, no!!

I need to start thinking about this. Maybe I'll start investigating today.

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